Using the Church

for Meetings

The church (the main area of the building, also known as the nave or sanctuary) is directly accessible by people with disabilities.

St. Stephen’s Church is pleased to provide the use of its rooms at low cost for events that provide a benefit to our neighborhood, our city, and our world. For such events, we require reimbursement for any costs we incur for cleaning and security (and we have the final word about whether cleaning or security are required for any event). In addition, we request a donation for the use of space, and we recommend an amount of $45 per hour. The fee for for-profit organizations and parties is $95 per hour.

Things to know about the church:

  • the church has 120 wood chairs; up to 100 metal/plastic chairs can also be used. And there’s plenty of room for more people to stand or sit on the floor

  • the church’s sound system can be used only by special permission

  • temperature ranges from 60 to 80 degress during the week, although for an extra donation we will provide additional heating or cooling

Lastly, it is our worship space. It contains religious symbols, and the church must be used with appropriate respect.

Visit our calendar page to check availability and request the use of the church for an event.

1525 Newton St NW
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 232-0900

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